La Fiorita was established in 1992 starting from a project that Roberto Cipresso, winemaker on the rising at the time, shared with two homeland friends; the first vineyard had an extension of half hectare and the annual production was of just 1.000 bottles of Brunello; the first vintage was the 1993 and it was entirely purchased en-primeur by Enoteca Pinchiorri of Firenze. The cellar was in the basement of an old building of the 18th century in the heart of the medieval town of Castelnuovo Abate.

The first vineyard was followed by the implantation of the Poggio al Sole vineyard and then of the Pian Bossolino vineyard, that increased the annual production to 25.000 bottles, divided by Normal Brunello and Riserva.

The initial cellar, of great charm and appeal, was an important part of the first phase of the winery; though it could not be the final achievement due to its limited size and its difficult positioning.

The entrance of Natalie Oliveros in the ownership beside Roberto Cipresso made new chapters being wrote in the life of La Fiorita; the immediate one is about the new position of the cellar in a new building with state of the art tools and equipment for the selection of the grapes and for the vinification and ageing processes. Moreover there will be a project for the new vineyard of Podere Giardinello, that will have a lot of influence on the future productions.