The Wine

Our vineyards are cultivated with the spurred cordon method and the density is of 7.000 plants per hectare; the yields are at a maximum of 800 g of grapes each plant.
The harvest is generally during the third decade of September.
The fermentation-maceration takes place in Slavonian oak vats were the must reaches a maximum temperature of 28°C.
The period of contact between must and grape-skins is hardly ever longer than 15 days, during which we do a lot of pumping-over and delestage.
We use selected yeasts not intrusive to the personality of the territory; the 24 months wood ageing period takes place in 5 hl French oak tonneaux of first and second use and also in Slavonian oak vats.
There are just a few months of stainless steel ageing before the bottling that is the last cellar operation 3 years after which the wine will be released on the market.
The Riserva version of our wine is the expression of a selection of grapes from one or both of our vineyards; its processing has no difference with the regular production but it is released well beyond the 6 years minimum, by regulation, from the harvest.